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Print Products for Pet Care Businesses

There’s no doubt we’re a nation of animal lovers – which is good news for anyone offering professional services to our furry friends.

It’s a market that’s becoming ever more competitive, so if you operate in this sector, it’s important to ensure that you are doing everything you can to get a share, promotional materials for the animal sector can really help and here at WTTB we have a range of print products for pet care businesses.

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According to the Office of National Statistics ( in 2020, we as a nation spent nearly £8m on our pets, this equates to a 170% increase from the beginning of the survey period,15 years earlier.

And that’s why we at WTTB have a fantastic range of promotional materials for the animal sector and everything you need to make sure your customers – whether they have two legs or four – are wagging their tails with joy!

To gain new business and customers, you must be visible.

Flyers, brochures and pop up print promotion should be seen as part of the tools of your trade, a cost-effective way to get the message through people’s doors...or cat flaps!

When owners have to leave their beloved pets behind for holidays or business trips, they often look for reliable and trusted kennels nearby.

If you own boarding kennels, it’s important to raise your business profile and to reassure your potential customers that their beloved pet will be well looked after and safe.

A brochure highlighting your facilities and testimonials from happy clients can help boost your business and give the assurances that they will be well cared for.

At the same time, think about promotional materials that will make sure your kennels remains front of mind.

How about an annual calendar with a cute animal on every page – you could even offer your customers the opportunity for their pet to appear – with all of your details on so they are given a monthly reminder of your business over others.

Or you could produce them and sell them for an animal charity – once again a great way to engage and to shine a light on your fundraising efforts.

For anyone wanting to set up on their own, a dog walking business is a fantastic opportunity, has little overheads and gets you out and about in the fresh air every day.

A leaflet or flyer drop in the area you live along with business cards with your details on are – dare we say it? – a great way to get new leads.

Dog groomers too can promote their services with some cost-effective marketing materials.

Posters and magnetic signs on your vehicle will help convey your services to a wide audience while branded appointment cards will ensure that customers remember their next appointment – so no losing money through no shows.

Most animals also must make a visit to the vets at some point in their lives, either for a general health checkup or something more serious.

Good marketing materials can help your veterinary business become the first choice of any pet owner, with posters, flyers and banners all a great way to spread the word.

You can also further promote services and information by printed brochures and hand outs in the surgery itself.

At WTTB we have a whole range ofprint products for pet care businessesto help those operating in this sector raise their profile and boost business profits – take a look and we promise you’ll be as happy as a dog with two tails.

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Can’t find your sector?

We want to help all businesses find products tailored to their needs. We continually add to our list of industries - help us expand this library by entering your business sector below.