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Seasonal Window Display Ideas for Retailers

Making your retail windows stand out while also wooing customers away from your rivals is the name of the game in retail window dressing. The attractive display of your goods, combined with some appropriate eye-catching artistic design, should result in footfall into your store and buyers snapping up your goods. From nail salons to hair salons, florists to cake shops, a powerful window display has the power to transform your brand and increase your customer base.

A tried-and-tested method is creating a window display inspired by the season, showing your customers what they need to buy at that time of the year. Moving from Spring to Summer, to Autumn and Winter is a retailer’s dream cycle as it lures in customers all year round.

Summer window display ideas

There are many themes that spring to mind when thinking about summer window displays. From picnics to beaches, suitcases to swimsuits – take inspiration from summer activities such as holidaying and watersports. Some summer window display ideas could involve bright, acidic neons and eye-catching colours such as lime, lemon, watermelon reds or beach blues and sandy yellows.

The sign that all shoppers like to see more than any other, which usually guarantees they’ll cross your threshold is, of course “SALE”. At the end of each summer season there is usually a sale to shift unwanted seasonal stock that you really don't want to hang around until next year. So why not promote your sale in your summer window display using a banner showcasing deals too good to ignore?

Autumn window display ideas

Autumn colours are aesthetically pleasing. Think warm rusts, shades of browns and even oranges. Themes for the cooler months could be pumpkins and if you’re feeling more theatrical about your autumn window display, go for chilling Halloween props. Fake blood and gore could create an Instagramable window display, good enough to go viral!

While shoppers may love your retail window display, they still need basic details about the products you stock. Stickers and over-sized tags clearly communicate product prices. You could even create price stickers that match the season – for example, large leaf-shaped stickers in Autumn to symbolise the falling of the leaves.

Spring window display ideas

Spring is a time of renewal and awakening and this can be incorporated into your spring window display. Spring is associated with soft shades of pale pink and white cherry blossoms as well as nature’s budding greens - great tones to adopt for your spring window display. From the Easter buddy to The Mad Hatter from Alice in Wonderland, spring window theme ideas are endless and you can easily bring themes to life using a few simple props! Think giant Easter eggs, toy bunny rabbits and lots of chocolates. The bigger and better when it comes to increasing your chances of seeing them on social media!

If you want a more subtle Spring window display, select a spring inspired backdrop that sends the message for you. Design customised floor-to-ceiling wallpaper designed to showcase the season. From chicks to eggs, to tulips and sunshine, make a statement using personalised wallpaper and create the perfect backdrop for displaying your best selling products in the window.

Winter window display ideas

Winter window displays are usually Christmas inspired, enticing customers into store and getting them in the Christmas spirit! Whether incorporating Christmas colours such as red and gold or including Christmas characters from Elf to Santa himself, the options are plenty. Winter window display ideas come into their own in December with famous department stores splurging on mechanical moving characters and lavish fairytale attractions that attract thousands of families.

Use props such as giant Christmas crackers or cardboard cutouts to grab your customer’s attention then convey key messages regarding your product offering or the latest deals using posters. Strategically place different sized digital posters in your window to communicate your message to passing shoppers.

What makes an effective window display?

To make an effective window display, incorporate eye-catching colours, tasteful decorations and select a clear theme. From price cuts to exclusive member deals, effective window displays should also convey key messages to customers clearly and accurately, enticing them into the store. If customers enter your store, ask about the goods in the window and buy them, then you’ve created an effective window display, full of commercial value.

How do I make a good window display?

To make a good window display, planning is key. Consider the season as well as major retail opportunities such as Valentine’s Day, Mother’s Day and New Year. Then identify the goods, supplies, props and background décor to be bought, hired or ordered in time for your creating your shop window display.

You will also need to set aside a budget to cover the cost of transforming your window display ideas into reality. Get creative and reuse old window display props where possible to drive down costs and reduce waste.

Whatever your final choices are for your retail window display, be it theatrical, lavish or simple sophistication, bouncing around shop window display ideas with your employees should be one of the more fun aspects of your business. You can cut loose and really get creative. This is your chance to unashamedly shine and put your competitors in the shade by showing off your products with flair and panache that will stop your customers in their tracks!


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