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Craft stall display ideas: How to make your craft stall shine

So, you’re ready to begin your adventures with your brand and venture into the world of craft fairs, or, you’re looking to spruce up your craft stall and need inspiration. Below we have some handy craft fair stall ideas to make your brand shine amongst other stalls.

Craft Stall Ideas: How can I make my craft stall look good?

Keep in mind that the craft stall is probably where buyers see your work for the first time. It’s like a shop window if you like, so you need to give it an identity. Here we’ll cover a range of craft market stall ideas from signage to display tips, and point of sale marketing to how you can get a place at craft fairs local to you.

Craft Stall Banner Ideas

The first thing you need is a banner to grab attention and tell people who you are. Whether you opt for a landscape fence banner that can be nailed to your display, or a roller banner that stands head and shoulders above the crowd, a large banner that tells people what they can expect from your stand is guaranteed to get you noticed.

Craft Stall Signage Ideas

There are several signage solutions when trying to attract people to your stall, from lightweight solutions such as bubble board or Correx signage that can be tacked to your stall easily to large, attention grabbing pop up display stands that can form the perfect backdrop for your stall.

When incorporating signage, clearly label the different sections or products and use signs that reflect your brand or style. This will help customers navigate your stall more easily. Strut cards are a great addition to your stall and they’re perfect for displaying pricing or information about your website or social media accounts.

Business cards are also essential, as many people may come to a craft stall and decide to commission you to create something original for them. You may want to look at eco-friendly business cards printed on recycled paper if ethical practices or recycled products are a USP of your business.

Craft stall set up ideas

To make your craft stall display look good, there are a few key elements to consider. Think about the overall layout and arrange your products in an organised and eye-catching manner. Add some decorative touches like plants or appropriate props to create a welcoming ambience. When considering how to set up a craft stall, think about your favourite brands and how they accessorise their displays in store and online. These small details can make a big difference in attracting customers and making your craft stall look nice.

Craft stall display ideas

Setting out craft stall display stands may seem daunting, but it doesn’t have to be. The way you display your products is important, as it gives an overarching impression of what you do. Make sure your key products are the first thing people see. Put them at eye height wherever possible and place them at the centre of your display. Don’t over clutter your display, less is sometimes more, and if shoppers feel overwhelmed by the volume of products they might become disengaged.

Props can help your products come alive for the customer. If you make bowls, then pile one of them high with fruit; if you make tea cosies, display them on a teapot; or if you craft jewellery, wear the pieces yourself or display them on custom jewellery display cards.

How do you make a stall stand out?

To make a stall stand out, there are a few key things you can do. First and foremost, consider your stall's visual appeal. Eye-catching signage, banners, and decorations that reflect your brand and attract attention is key. Bright colours and unique designs can help you grab people's interest.

Engage with potential customers by offering samples or interactive elements. People love being able to touch, try, or experience something before they buy it. This can create a memorable and positive impression of your stall.

Don't forget to have knowledgeable and friendly staff who can engage with visitors, answer questions, and provide excellent customer service. Lastly, consider offering special promotions, discounts, or giveaways to entice people to visit your stall and make a purchase. By implementing these strategies, your stall is sure to shine.

Christmas craft stall ideas

If you’re heading to some festive craft fairs or Christmas markets this year, be sure to display a range of Christmassy and non-Christmassy produce. Unless your brand is purely a Christmas affair, you’ll want to showcase a range of the things you offer, not just things people get out of the loft at Christmastime. Make sure your stand is decorated with all things Christmas and if you sell something that ignites the Christmas senses such as candles, have one lit so shoppers can smell the aromas as they’re walking past.

How do you get a stall at an event?

Scour the internet for events going on throughout the year or better yet, take a look at our guide to the top 10 craft fairs throughout the UK. We have recently updated this list to include a list of the Christmas markets happening around the UK and the contact details of the right people to contact to get involved.

Now you know how to set up a stall at a craft fair and make your craft display shine, delve into our products and create the stall of your dreams.


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