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Grow Your Etsy Business with Personalised Merchandise Brochures

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It doesn’t matter how successful an Etsy seller you are – everyone is always looking at ways to increase their revenue. Cutting through the noise that other sellers are making and getting your products front of mind is as essential as having great photography, an extensive range and good reviews.

Shops that seem the most professional – i.e. they have great design and an eye-catching logo – are more likely to attract customers, not just because of the goods they’re offering but because they inspire customers' confidence. And now there’s a great way to show that you’re a business that means business, with a bespoke brochure featuring your merchandise.

For those on a tight budget, as many Etsy sellers are – it may seem that this is a cost they simply can’t incur. But the good news is that by working in partnership with us, we can help build your brand, showcase your product range – and hopefully bring in more business.

brochure featuring personalised merchandise

We've created a brochure showcasing a whole host of merchandise options, from mugs to badges, from keyrings to mouse mats. And our new service means that we can personalise this brochure with your design or brand – by simply providing your logo or an illustration.

We will then send you your tailored PDF brochure, which you can share with existing clients and use as a strong marketing tool to engage with other customers.

Having some bespoke printed collateral could open doors you may have never considered. It could lead to bulk orders – think sending it to potential corporate customers – or just raise awareness of your offer.

You can send it as an email attachment or even print it out and use it as a handout or flyer as a promotion (of course, if you want to be completely professional, we can also print them for you as well). It’s a really simple process which requires hardly any effort, but the rewards could be many.

For anyone with an Etsy shop, this is a fantastic way to grow your business - but it’s just as relevant to anyone starting. Setting up a shop can be absolutely overwhelming, and knowing about marketing and promotion is often out of most new sellers’ comfort zone.

Having the support and an easy-to-use PDF designed to showcase your brand is a massive asset and can help raise awareness. It also gives both new starters and experienced sellers a great document that can be used on social media – a brilliant way to help promote your brand.

For many Etsy sellers, their shop is a side hustle or second job, and it’s often hard to give it the attention it needs when you may be balancing home and other work commitments. Having something tangible that can help do the work for you then should be very welcome – and could also be the inspiration for anyone wavering about setting up a shop or not.

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If you have artistic or design skills and have thought of turning your hobby into a sideline, what better time than this? Send us your design, let us create your personalised brochure, and then you can simply showcase what you do, and hopefully, the customers will flood in – minimum outlay, maximum return!

And, of course, this isn’t just restricted to anyone selling on Etsy - it’s for anyone offering goods via an online platform. You can be working with Not On The High Street or even have an Ebay shop – how much will you impress your customers if you tell them you can email them a brochure of your whole range? The benefits of that also mean that you can start creating your own customer database, which can be used for newsletters, special offers and sales.

Request your brochure

Starting or growing a business can be hard, which is why it's important to have as many tools at your disposal as possible – and we feel this is one which you simply can’t afford to be without! Take your Etsy store to the next level, request your personalised merchandise brochure download today.


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