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The best packaging ideas for your business

At WTTB we know how to wow your customers. Check out the best packaging ideas for your business and why packaging is so important.

Imagine this. You’ve ordered an item as a gift and you’ve spent a considerable amount of money on it. Naturally, you’d expect how it arrives to reflect that – so when it turns up badly wrapped in a piece of plastic, you’re likely to be none too pleased. Not only does that type of packaging not acknowledge the value of the product, but you’re likely to make a silent vow never to buy from that company again.

Anyone who sells anything tangible and ignores how it’s presented to the customer does so at their peril. It’s not just about the sense of anticipation that helps add to the experience for the recipient, it’s also about giving added value – or the perception of it –and so creating customer loyalty.

On the flip side, creative and stylish packaging can also help elevate a cheaper item to having a much higher perceived worth, so it makes total sense regardless of whether you’re selling high end, luxury goods or have a small cottage industry offering homemade items to invest in that customer experience.

Why is packaging important?

Don’t judge a book by its cover may be great advice when it comes to not making snap decisions about someone’s personality, but you take a huge risk adopting this stance when it comes to business!

Packaging is important because it tells a customer what to expect from you as a business. Experts have discovered that we do make a decision non the worth of a product long before we open it up, completely on the basis of the way it’s presented to us.

Ever wonder why technology products come boxed up in sleek and modern packaging? Because it’s a great way to convey a brand and that it’s cutting edge, even before the actual item is opened.

And who hasn’t seen a ready meal surrounded by a box which makes it look as if it’s been prepared by a Michelin starred chef? Because it helps to create a desire which can ultimately lead to a sale.

Savvy companies wanting to get products onto the supermarket shelves – where position is king – know that something in eye-catching packaging will have a much better chance of being placed in a prime spot.

How can I improve my packaging?

Your packaging doesn’t just give you the opportunity to create excitement, it can also be a sound way of helping to market your business.

Improve your packaging by presenting your products in a beautiful, custom box. This can add value to any product! Perhaps you can add the option of one of your bespoke or personalised gift boxes as an additional cost? It not only gives you the chance to create extra revenue but is also a great way of reminding your customer where the item came from, and how you go the extra mile for them.

Sending items out to clients really does off era huge marketing opportunity. Use it as a way to remind them what else you offer by including a leaflet or brochure or even slip in a discount card as a thank you which can be redeemed on their next order.

The use of colours for packaging

Your colour choices can also have a huge impact on potential customers. Products for children -unsurprisingly – tend to come in brightly coloured and highly attractive hues. White, silver and gold are very popular for packaging for luxury products and if you’re trying to convey that you’re edgy, then again choose bright colours but with some black in the mix. The beauty of this is that, by making the right choices in terms of images and colours, you can create stunning packaging at a reasonable cost.

How can packaging help market my business?

Many savvy businesses look at ways to upsell to customers. A great way of doing this is to include a gift-wrapping service, which is particularly handy if what you’re offering is suitable for a birthday, anniversary or any special occasion.

Personalised wrapping paper is a great marketing tool and brings fun and originality to your product – guaranteed to make the customer smile. If the product is wrapped up with paper with your logo or motto on, it’s the perfect marketing tool! And of course, you can also benefit from our bespoke gift wrapping masterclasses, with none other than Jane Means who is the queen of gift wrapping and has worked for everyone from Royalty to the Beckhams.

Unboxing experiences are more important than ever, and can turn into some free marketing for your brand if you do it right. Customers will likely take to social media to share how beautiful their purchases look, and some may even create Instagram reels or stories showcasing them unboxing their product. If you have the budget to do so, why not send some freebies to digital influencers, so they can share with their following.

Packaging ideas for small businesses

If you’re just starting out with your business, or working for a small, independent business, packaging is a great opportunity to build your client base. People who buy from independent businesses may expect a more unique experience than if they were to buy from a larger business, so investing a little bit of time and money in packaging can make all the difference. See our top tips for small businesses below:

  1. Add a personalisedgreeting card to orders over a certain amount! This was you are investing in those you like to spend money on your product or service, and with that little magic touch, they’re likely to come back!
  1. Attach a gift tag with your logo and a personalised message or leave it blank if they want to pass their purchase on as a gift. Gift tags are a cost-effective way to show your customers that you care.
  1. Include a gift voucher as part of the packaging to surprise and delight your customers! They’re likely to purchase again if they have £5 (or more!) off their next order, and can seem more personal than a simple discount code.

Whether you’re a small business looking for custom packaging or a larger business searching for those additions to make your customer’s experience even better, investing in packaging is a strategy businesses of all sizes should adopt. Great packaging is an amazing marketing tool and doesn’t need to cost the earth. Be imaginative, be bold and the rewards will follow!


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