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CAMIcodes: The Future of Interactive Marketing

In today's digital age, finding innovative ways to engage customers and make a lasting impression is crucial for businesses looking to expand. And what better way to do that than to bridge the gap with face-to-face conversation on hand? That's why we have teamed up with CAMI Technologies to bring you CAMIcodes.

Hands holding up smartphones with CAMIcode Video QR codes on the screen

The Power of CAMIcodes

Now, what is a CAMIcode? It's pretty straightforward. Once set up properly, it's a Quick Response code that will allow the scanner to receive a video catered to the circumstances. CAMIcodes go the extra step in enabling you to set up a personalised video message and print it on a product to serve as either supplementary marketing on top of the item itself or an additional message to suit the gift. And, thanks to the fact that you can manage your CAMIcode with real-time analytics, you can continuously adapt your marketing on the fly, and the QR codes will update to suit it. The scope is limitless.

The Convenience of CAMIcodes

For something as beneficial as this, you'd expect to see a hefty sum of money and an elaborate set-up scheme to boot. In actuality, it's neither. At an incredibly low price point, it's convenient to set up, too! All you have to do is purchase your CAMIcode of up to 29 seconds of personalised messaging content, and then, within an hour of purchasing, you'll receive your code. From then on, you scan it yourself and either film your message there and then, or upload it from your device. After confirming your video, you can apply your CAMIcode to your desired product, ready for scanning.

The Science of CAMIcodes

But what's stopping you from using the traditional means of marketing? Nothing. In fact, this video marketing works great in tandem with the standard methods. That being said, whilst the conventional means is excellent, it is essential to note that viewers retain 95% of a visual message, compared to 10% reading text (source: Insivia). With the higher retention rate of information through video, it is a more effective medium for conveying important messages or product information, which, in turn, can lead to more conversions for your business.

Woman on smartphone with business card using CAMIcode

The Opportunity of CAMIcodes

So that's what, how and why, but what about when? When could you use a CAMIcode? From flyers equipped with a welcome message to wrapping paper with personalised greetings, the sky's the limit. Events and conferences are opportune moments for using CAMIcodes, with the constant flow of information and people, it's good to have a personalised message on roller banners where people can scan it for easy access to a product or service that might otherwise be unavailable. These large corporate events are bound to be rife with networking and individuals looking to expand their enterprising prospects. What better way to win over potential partners or customers than to attach a personalised video message explaining yourself and your craft to your premium business cards? Or, if you're an author looking for something to make your book writing unique, use a CAMIcode to create a personalised About page, where you can go more in-depth with your storytelling.

And that's not even the end of it! While the CAMIcodes excel in a business-oriented environment, they can also serve as great additions to gifts for your friends and families. What a way to be invited to a wedding than with a personalised invitation from the bride and groom, allowing for your big night to be memorable for both the happy couple and the guests. Speaking of invitations, there's nothing worse than not being able to make it to your friend's birthday celebration or stag night, but a great way to make up for it is by attaching your CAMIcode to a lifesize cut-out of yourself as if you weren't missing the festivities at all. CAMIcodes also serve as an excellent means to honour friends and family who are no longer with us in heartfelt funeral order of service booklets. Here, you could ask all who were close to the dearly departed to collaborate on a collage of photos with music that reminds them of the person, and it serves as a great personal keepsake to remember them by.

In short, CAMIcodes are a fantastic way to engage with your customers and stand out in a crowded market. With the ability to personalise your message, the flexibility to adapt in real-time, and the high retention rate of information, it's no wonder more and more businesses are turning to this innovative marketing strategy. So, if you want to expand your business and make a lasting impression on your customers, why not try CAMIcodes today?


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