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Eco-Friendly Banners: A Step Towards Sustainability

There’s no doubting the importance—or the necessity—of roller banners for businesses. They have no end of uses, from highlighting important directions to showcasing an event, exposing the public to a deal or offer, or raising awareness. At the same time, companies – regardless of size – need to be environmentally conscious, so it may sometimes be difficult to square the need for a tangible, printed product with the concern that it might harm the world around us.

WTTB is proud of the fact that it also takes its environmental responsibilities seriously – and is now leading the way in offering a range of viable alternatives, including new PVC-free roller banner options in both our classic and essential ranges.

PVC is often described as “the poison plastic” because it releases toxic, chlorine-based chemicals, so eliminating it from the environment whenever possible is the challenge that many organisations face. Even when it is recycled, PVC continues to do its damage and actually interferes with the breakdown of other plastics, so any alternatives are now widely welcomed.

The fact that we can now offer something different – with no compromise on quality – we believe it will be warmly welcomed by both new and existing customers. While the stands remain metal, the actual banner itself is 100 per cent recyclable – allowing organisations to make an environmentally-conscious decision simply and easily.

As part of our commitment to increasing our range of responsible and ethical products, WTTB is also blazing a trail with its fully recyclable eco-banners. These banners are made entirely out of 170gsm silk paper and cardboard, so they can easily be recycled at the end of their lifespan without having any environmental impact.

The components are compostable, meaning that they will decompose naturally over a 9 to 12-month period, and the product also conforms to FR EN13501 fire safety regulations for indoor and outdoor use. At the same time, they are straightforward to put together, and the fact that they are made from cardboard and paper does not affect the final printed product’s quality.

All the banners have a myriad of uses but should be of particular interest to anyone who operates in the eco-friendly space. It could be vegan or vegetarian restaurants or product displays in supermarkets; it may be at an ethical craft fair or event or to showcase natural beauty products. The message it gives out is of having an ethical brand, which creates a positive response from customers and clients.

A survey carried out by international sustainability organisation, Futerra, in both the UK and USA showed that a staggering 96 per cent of people want to make a difference by donating, recycling or buying ethically.

Further research highlights that globally 88 per cent of consumers would choose to buy from companies with “ethical sourcing structures” in place – which means that using environmentally friendly products is not just good for the environment – it also makes sound economic sense.

This latest addition to WTTB is part of an ongoing commitment to offer recycled and green products. Our range uses materials which are sustainably sourced, made with both recyclable and recycled fibres, which are certified to FSC® standards. These are available across the board, with recycled business cards, flyers and invitations just part of the offer.

We recognise the importance in the modern world of the need to protect the environment while giving our clients the products they need – and we’re delighted to have created such viable solutions.


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