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How to Hang Wall Art

So you’ve got your perfect picture and you want to hang it up and make it pride of place, somewhere where everyone can see and admire it.

You just hammer in a picture hook and there you go – simple, isn’t it? Well actually, it’s not, and there are a few things to consider before you even think about picking up a nail.

Where to Hang Pictures

First, you need to look at where you want to hang that picture. Look at the room – is it going to be a centre piece or is it going to take a back seat and compliment your furniture or decor?

Although it’s down to personal preference, the rule to follow is that the middle of your picture should be at approx. eye level, so bear that in mind before you start.

It’s really important to check if there’s any wiring or cables behind the wall before you do anything or you could get a very nasty shock – literally! Use a tracer or detector to make sure you’ve got the all-clear.

What is the Formula for Hanging Pictures?

• Measure the height of the frame and divide by 2

• Measure the distance from the top of the frame to the hook/wire and subtract this number from the first number (height of the framed divided by 2)

• To this number, add 57, 58, 59 or 60 (depending on how high you want the picture to sit)

• The final number is the number of inches you should put your hook/hooks measured from the floor upwards

What Can I Use to Hang Artwork?

What you use to hang your picture very much depends on two things – the weight of the item you’re hanging and the type of wall you’re hanging it on.

Hanging a Picture on a Stud Wall

If it’s a lightweight picture you can easily just attach some picture hooks and – providing your plasterboard is in good condition – there shouldn’t be a problem.

If it’s a heavy picture you may need a different kind of hanging device to ensure it stays in place on a stud wall, so get some advice. It may be that you need a special kind of fitting made for plasterboard.

Hanging a Picture on a Brick Wall

A brick wall needs a different approach, you will need to use a drill and screws which you can then use to hang the picture cord/hook off. There are many handy videos online if you are a little nervous using a drill, but once you have done it a few times you will be a dap hand at hanging pictures on brick walls. The same formula for hanging pictures in the perfect spot can be applied.

If the idea of all of this hammering and using screwdrivers doesn’t appeal, it may also be worth looking at using strong adhesive picture hanging strips.

They do not work well on surfaces like bare brick or other textured surfaces though, and you should always double check to see how much weight they will bear.

It may sound like a lot of fuss but when you’ve got your picture perfectly aligned and looking stunning, it will be worth all of the work!


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