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What to Buy Someone Who Has Everything: Novelty Gifts

There’s an old saying “it’s the thought that counts” – meaning that it’s much more important to give something that’s personal and special than just throwing a huge amount of money at an item.

The good news is that these days it’s easier than ever to achieve that, with a whole host of imaginative but purse-friendly options which any recipient will appreciate.

Novelty gifts show thought, highlight that you’ve taken a special memory, an event or an “in” joke and used that to give something unique. Putting a smile on someone’s face doesn’t have to cost the earth, it’s about showing them that you really have made the effort to create something that’s personal to them.

Personalised novelty gift with novelty wrapping paper of woman

What is a novelty gift?

Everyone will undoubtedly have their own idea about what constitutes a novelty gift, but in the main it’s something that may not necessarily have a practical purpose but is humorous, unique or just downright quirky.

Funny gifts may not be expensive, but you can bet they will be remembered and definitely treasured. If you don’t have the budget, then cheap gifts aren’t necessarily a bad thing – particularly if you think of a way to make it novel.

Funny presents don’t even have to be given because it’s a special occasion, it could be sent to cheer someone up, remind them you care or to provoke a particular memory.

The novelty value can extend beyond the gift itself. If you want to make a lower priced item seem more special, look at items such as personalised wrapping paper which could feature pictures of the recipient or a reminder of a special date or time.

Novelty Gift Ideas

Novelty gift ideas also come into their own when you have a strict budget – for example an event like a Secret Santa. Finding the perfect gift at a bargain price can be challenging but if you go along the fun route, then that’s half the battle sorted.

Novelty secret Santa ideas could again include a bespoke desk calendar – particularly if it’s for a work colleague– or even a personalised chocolate bar with a cheeky message on.

Again think about the “unboxing” experience and come up with some novelty gift wrapping ideas that will absolutely add to the appeal.

Offering a range of funny gifts for men – particularly for events such as a stag weekend – will always go down well. Perhaps a number of images (the respectable ones!) from the trip could be turned into a calendar and again, why not have your own life size cut out of anyone who can’t make it? It’s something that will go down a storm with the groom and add to the memory of this special occasion.

One of the massive growth areas for novelty items in recent years is around greetings cards, particularly those that can be personalised.

Using favourite pictures, flagging up a hobby or habit again can make a card extra special. For times of the year such as Christmas, creating a bespoke card can also be a highly effective marketing tool. Showing your sense of humour is a great way to make clients keep you front of mind and highlights your creativity.

Woman holding a snow globe gift of quirky photo of romantic partner

What to buy someone that has everything?

Where unusual gifts really come into their own is when someone is racking their brains to buy something for a friend, colleague or family member who just doesn’t seem to need anything.

They are in fact the perfect candidate to receive a personalised funny gift which will be really appreciated.

How about a snow globe or heart globe with an image of them – or from an occasion they shared – or even create them as a giant “sitee” cutout? Putting in the effort to think outside of the box will be really appreciated and shows that you really care.

There’s all sorts of options you can consider – how about a poster which features some of the country’s they have visited or a collage of photographs from over the years.

These kinds of unique gifts will become really cherished – and we suspect will last much longer than any expensive bottle of perfume or box of chocolates would.

Person holding a picture frame of four friends at a party

What can you buy someone who is going through a hard time?

The real plus of a novelty gift is its ability to put a smile on the face of someone who may desperately need it.This is not about buying an expensive present for an occasion such as a birthday or wedding, this is giving someone a much needed boost at a time in their lives when they need it.

It may be low in price, but it will be huge in its impact. The fact that someone has taken the time and trouble to think of them and create something meaningful will be much appreciated.

A personalised card reminding them you care, a framed picture of a happy time or event, a piece of wall art with a personalised message or favourite funny saying could really make someone’s day.

A novelty gift is a really effective way to show you care, boost your business or mark a special occasion with the added bonus of having a lot of fun while you’re putting it together!


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