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Your Guide to Business Cards

Business cards are an indispensable tool for networking, even when we’re all online, and help you make lasting impressions with potential clients, customers and partners. The perfect business card looks different for everyone, from seasoned entrepreneurs to budding professionals. It needs to reflect you and everything that makes your business great.

In this guide, we'll explore some popular business card ideas and styles and what essential information you need to include, helping you design a card that reflects your company and communicates your message. Whether you prefer minimalist elegance, bold colours, unique shapes or textured finishes, we'll provide inspiration and practical tips to help you make informed design choices that resonate with your brand.

Discover the secrets to designing business cards that leave a lasting impression and open doors to new opportunities. Then, rely on WTTB to deliver.

Why should you make a business card?

In today's interconnected world, business cards might seem redundant when everyone has a profile on a networking platform like LinkedIn, Gust or Opportunity. But this corporate classic remains a powerful tool for establishing meaningful connections and leaving a lasting impression in both virtual and real-world interactions.

While online networking offers convenience and reach, in-person networking still holds immense value. A well-designed business card serves as a tangible representation of your brand, fostering memorable face-to-face connections that can't be replicated digitally. Moreover, business cards have evolved with technology, incorporating QR codes to bridge the gap between print and digital. These codes allow the addition of more information than ever, as well as links to your portfolio or social media profiles.

Creating unique, eye-catching designs that set your card apart is also easier than ever. With advancements in printing technology, there are unparalleled customisation options. From unique shapes and sizes to innovative finishes and materials, you can tailor your card to stand out from the competition. And with easy-to-access online printing, even the smallest company can get their hands on this useful tool. For those with limited cash to splash, there’s also economy business cards . These budget-friendly options still uphold quality and professionalism, making them accessible to all.

What do you put on a business card?

On a business card, it's essential to include standard contact information like your name, job title, company, phone number, email address and a physical address if you have one. Incorporate branding elements like your company logo, colours and tagline to reinforce brand recognition and professionalism. For an interactive element, you can also leverage QR codes or CAMIcodes on your business card to enhance its functionality.

These codes can direct recipients to various online resources such as your portfolio, website, social media profiles or promotional videos, providing them with easy access to additional information about you and your services. Including QR codes adds a modern touch to your card and maximises its utility by seamlessly integrating offline and online interactions. Whether it's showcasing samples of your work, sharing testimonials or inviting contacts to connect on social media, QR codes empower you to make a lasting impression and facilitate further engagement beyond the initial exchange of business cards.

How you should design a business card?

When it comes to creating your very own business card, the possibilities are endless. Modern printing lets you make personalised and unique designs that effortlessly capture your brand’s identity for a memorable first impression every time you hand a card over. You have the flexibility to experiment with vibrant colours, intricate designs and luxury finishes.

Whether you prefer a classic and sophisticated look or a bold and eye-catching design, understanding all the printing options available helps you design a business card that effectively represents your brand. At WTTB, we understand the importance of standing out, which is why we offer a wide range of customisation options, from magnetic and folded business cards to speciality finishes and unique shapes. And with Artworker+, our on-demand graphic design service, it’s never been easier to get the perfect personalised business card.

Learn more about our unique business card designs below.

Magnetic Business Cards

These innovative cards offer a unique way to make a lasting impression. Designed to stick to any magnetic surface, from fridges to filing cabinets, they ensure your brand stays in sight long after the initial exchange. Whether you're showcasing contact information, promoting specials or adding a touch of personality to your premises, magnetic business cards are the perfect solution for businesses looking to leave a memorable mark.

Foil Business Cards

For a touch of luxury, elevate your brand with foil business cards. Available in stunning gold or silver options, these cards are a high-quality option, bringing a touch of elegance to the design. Perfect for businesses looking to make a lasting impression, these cards add a touch of glamour to networking events, meetings and more.

Folded Business Cards

With a unique fold design, these cards offer double the space for information, making them ideal for businesses that want to share extra details or promotions. Made from premium materials, our folded business cards exude professionalism and sophistication. Whether you're highlighting services, featuring product offerings or simply adding a personal touch, these cards ensure your message stands out.

Scodix Business Cards

Made with our cutting-edge spot UV technology, Scodix business cards boast a UV varnish 100 times higher than traditional methods to create a tactile and unforgettable finish. Choose from a selection of finishes, including lamination and rounded corners, to customise your cards to captivate and impress. Whether networking at events or sharing contact details in meetings, our Scodix business cards help you stand out with their unparalleled sophistication and style.

Loyalty Cards

Finally, loyalty cards are an engaging alternative to traditional business cards that fosters customer loyalty and drives repeat business. Designed to promote your brand while rewarding customers, stamp cards serve as a tangible reminder of the value you offer. Loyalty cards enhance customer satisfaction and loyalty by encouraging repeat visits and purchases, ultimately boosting your bottom line. Print double-sided to make sure there’s plenty of space to include business card information like your logo and address.

Despite living in a digital age, the humble business card remains an invaluable tool for networking and making lasting impressions. So, why wait? Start designing your perfect business card today and leave a lasting impression wherever you go.


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