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Marketing materials you need for your business

Marketing is integral to business success but which marketing materials are right for your company? Read on to discover what marketing materials are available and which type to use to boost your sales.

Your business model could be inspirational and your product could be revolutionary but both of these things are irrelevant if nobody knows about your brand. Marketing is integral to business success but what exactly are marketing materials and specifically which marketing materials are right for your company? Read on to discover what marketing materials are available and which type to use to boost your sales.

What are Marketing Materials?

Marketing materials are the digital and print products that you use to communicate with your target audience and your existing customer base. With items such as business cards, flyers, brochures and leaflets, you can create brand awareness, promote and sell your products and entice customers to visit your store or website all at the same time. They will reflect your brand in every way down to the colours you choose to the content you include. These marketing materials will give potential customers a taste of your brand and encourage your target audience to take notice. The main message you want your marketing materials to convey is why your brand is unique and why customers should choose it over others.

What are the marketing materials I need to start with?

Professionally designed printed marketing materials are an invaluable promotional tool and something every successful business has in common. If you are just starting out or re-branding, which are the most important marketing materials to help your business grow?

Business Cards

Perfect for conferences, events and exhibitions, business cards play a key role in your marketing efforts regardless of the size of your company. You never know who you might meet or when an opportunity to connect with someone influential will arise but having a stack of business cards in your pocket will ensure you are always prepared.

Designing a business card is essential for your business. They are the ultimate marketing tool because they are cost-effective and portable, and they don’t just provide an essential call to action, but they also make your business appear attractive, professional, and trustworthy thanks to a dazzling design.

There is no quicker way to depart the essential details surrounding who you are and what you do which is why, despite the introduction of online marketing materials, offline materials are still so popular.


Brochures are another vital marketing tool that you can use to boost sales via clever wording and imagery. This form of marketing provides great value to your target audience. Do you sell a product that requires its functionality to be explained in depth? Or perhaps you have an extensive product range and you need a marketing medium that allows you to showcase a large number of products yet still be compact and lightweight? Well, then you need a brochure.

Versatile and affordable, this type of marketing material is a superb addition to your repertoire as you can print our thousands without breaking the bank. The best part is that you don’t even have to spend a fortune having them professionally designed.

Brochures boast plenty of room for compelling content that puts your company in the spotlight. You can really showcase your products in all their glory and get in front of the eyes of your target audience. Here you have the benefit of showing your customers new products and services along with essential information about your brand set out in a visually appealing manner. Layout and design is key here so make sure you put time and effort in to ensure the brochure embodies your brand’s personality.

Thanks to the latest templates, you can design a stunning brochure without a designer. Don’t forget to include a QR code on this type of marketing material to make it actionable online too.


Flyerst end to be a single page and lend themselves to mail marketing which is a great way to generate brand awareness. The perfect size to fit through a letterbox, flyers are larger than business cards and allow you to include sizable amounts of information about your brand as well as any deals or offers you are currently doing.

The design and finish of flyers allow them to stand out from other letters and provide ultimate visibility. Due to their portable nature, you can leave a stack in other local businesses. If you have an important event or sale coming up, flyers can help boost your bottom line as they can be distributed to a large number of people and they don’t cost the earth.


While a flyer is a great way to get your sale offers in front of your target audience, a leaflet gives you more room to creatively express what your brand is all about.

Remember the goal here is to educate potential customers on how your product or service provides a quick and efficient solution to their needs. If you are releasing a new collection of products or you are updating your menu seasonally, a leaflet is the perfect promotional tool. There are different types of leaflets to choose from, such as digital or folded.

Letterheads and Compliment Slips

Professional correspondence is a must if you want your company to appear authentic and successful. Well designed letterheads and compliment slips really command attention and leave a lasting impression of your brand so make sure that branded stationery is at the top of your list when stocking up on marketing materials.

Every business needs engaging marketing materials and office printing in order to be successful but choosing the right materials for your brand can be daunting.

Marketing collateral comes in many different forms but you can use this guide to direct you to the one that best serves your needs. Remember to update your marketing materials regularly to ensure that your products and services are up to date and that your design remains on brand. At WTTB, we’re here to support you on your business journey, whether you’re starting out and wondering how to come up with a business name, or need support with your marketing materials, we have expert advice that you can find at our blog.


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