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National awareness days and celebrations – how to use them for your business

What are awareness months?

National awareness weeks and months provide businesses with a valuable opportunity to connect with their audience on a deeper level while supporting important causes. By aligning your brand with relevant awareness months, you can raise awareness, foster engagement, and build loyalty among your customers. Make use of these designated months to create compelling content, organise events or promotions, and collaborate with relevant organisations. Whether it's Mental Health Awareness Month, Women's History Month, or Pride Month, leverage the power of national awareness months to make a meaningful impact and showcase your commitment to social issues.

Why do we celebrate awareness days?

Awareness days are celebrated to bring attention to important social, health, and environmental issues. They serve as a platform to educate and inform the public about these topics. By dedicating a specific day to raise awareness, it helps create a collective consciousness and encourages people to take action. These days also provide an opportunity for organizations, NGOs, and individuals to come together and advocate for change, raising funds for research, promoting prevention, and supporting communities affected by these issues. Ultimately, celebrating awareness days fosters a sense of unity and empowers individuals to make a positive impact.

Are awareness days effective?

Because awareness days are designed to highlight important causes and promote education and understanding, they can be effective in spreading awareness and also improve your brand’s overall image. Events like awareness months and days provide a designated time for individuals, communities, and organisations to rally their reach and impact. Additionally, awareness days can encourage conversations, spark engagement, and inspire change. Their effectiveness ultimately depends on sustained efforts beyond the designated day, such as ongoing advocacy, support, and implementation of solutions. And when businesses authentically support causes, it helps build trust and loyalty among customers, attracts socially conscious consumers, improves brand reputation, and contributes to positive social impact.

How many national days are celebrated?

How many national days are there in the UK? There are nearly 80 UK awareness days, and they are the perfect vehicle for promoting what you do and showcasing your political standpoint as a business. National days are an opportunity to show a more creative side to your company, they’re a fantastic way to communicate with potential clients and they can be an excellent opportunity for gifting and PR opportunities. They also give customers something tangible to talk about on social media.

Awareness days not only allow you to plan your promotional campaigns, but they offer the chance to engage staff members in something while raising awareness of workplace concerns, like mental health and green initiatives. Not every awareness day will work for your business, so you need to select causes that resonate with you as a business or individual.

National Days in January

16th January: Blue Monday

Take this as an opportunity to raise awareness around mental health issues with staff and engage in workshops to help support your team.

25th January: Burns Night

If you have a Scottish-based business or brand, celebrate this illustrious occasion. Go all out and hold a ball or Burns Night dinner – in which case, get those invitations in the post.

National Days in February

14th February: Valentine’s Day

15th February: Singles Awareness Day

National Days in March

8th March: International Women’s Day

18th March: Global Recycling Day

National Days in April

22nd April: Earth Day

25th April: National Hug a Plumber Day

National Days in May

15th May: National Children’s Day

22nd May: World Bee Day

National Days in June

5th-11th June: National Gardening Week

If you own a gardening business, what better time to highlight your services? Create flyers, posters or banners and take advantage of the national awareness week.

6-12th June: Carers Week

8th June: World Oceans Day

Raise awareness of the importance of our oceans and relate this to any eco-friendly products you supply.

National Days in July

4th July: American Independence Day

7th July: World Chocolate Day

It would be rude not to celebrate, wouldn’t it? If you own a café or a shop or you sell artisan chocolate, make sure you have a range of promotional materials to link in with this day, like our personalised chocolate bars.

17th July: National Ice Cream Day

National Days in August

1st August: Yorkshire Day

8th August: International Cat Day

National Days in September

21st September: International Day of Peace

24th September: McMillan’s World’s Biggest Coffee Morning

Put your fundraising skills to the test for this most worthy cause invest in personalised badges and selfie frames for your fundraising event.

National Days in October

1st – 31st October: Breast Cancer Awareness Month

7th October: National Poetry Day

National Days in November

1st – 30th November: Movember

9th November: Social Media Kindness Day

National Days in December

1st December: Tree Dressing Day

4th December: Small Business Saturday

9th December: Christmas Jumper Day

National Awareness Months

The following awareness months are important to note for businesses that want to connect with their local community and customer bases:

January: Dry January / Veganuary - Get new menus printed such as a vegan and non-alcoholic cocktail menu and take the opportunity to let people know about it by sending out leaflets.

February: LGBTQIA+ History Month - A chance to show your support for the LGBTQ+ community and highlight any work you have done to become a more inclusive and diverse workplace.

March: Women’s History Month / Disability Awareness Month

April: Stress Awareness Month

May: National Walking Month

June: Pride Month

July: Plastic-Free July – Discover our recycled range of products for any events you’ll hold around this time.

August: International Happiness Happens Month

September: Sleptember / Organic September / World Alzheimer’s Month

October: Black History Month / Stoptober / Go Sober for October / Breast Cancer Awareness

November: Movember

December: Decembeard

Our promotional products can effectively support your business's efforts during awareness months by raising awareness, increasing brand visibility, and engaging your target audience. With custom branding options, high-quality products, and strategic messaging, we can help you make a lasting impression and contribute to meaningful causes. Explore our full range today to create memorable campaigns that customers will never forget.


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