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Promote your business with leaflet distribution from WTTB

Connect with new customers and promote the services you offer to those who may not otherwise find you with WTTB’s leaflet drop service

Leaflet drop advertising is one of many traditional marketing tools to have truly stood the test of time in an increasingly digital landscape. While so many businesses focus their energy and time on digital marketing and social media marketing, they are missing out on potentially thousands of new customers who cannot be targeted online.

Leaflet delivery is a far more personal approach, and it also cuts through a lot of the noise of other advertising avenues such as digital or newspaper advertising, where your message can get lost amongst a plethora of other companies vying for attention. Let’s think about it for a moment, how often do you pick up mail and put it straight into the bin without so much as a glance? Never.

In fact, industry research* tells us that 48% of people respond to leaflet drop advertising while 79% of recipients either keep door to door leaflets, pass on to someone else or at the very least skim the contents of the flyer.

Even if the response isn’t instant, potential customers will keep you safe in ‘that’ kitchen drawer and know where to find you when the time comes, meaning leaflet distribution is both a short term and long-term marketing strategy.

Leaflet Delivery with WTTB

If you are looking for leaflet delivery services but you’re not quite sure where to start, you have come to the right place. Here at WTTB, we can take care of the whole process from creating your high-quality, attention-grabbing leaflets to arranging the fully GPS tracked delivery in your target locations to your target demographic.

With our outstanding delivery partner – LDM, we can even report on the delivery dates and times so you can analyse the success from your door to door leaflets campaign and plan for future leaflet drops.

Need help deciding where to focus your campaign? Not a problem! With WTTB’s data management tools, we can help you find the right audience and get your leaflet seen by the people most likely to use your services. Whether it’s retirees, those in affluent areas, or any other demographic, we will help you find and reach out to them.

Royal Mail Leaflet Drop VS WTTB Leaflet Drop

WTTB know that when spending money on your marketing and advertising, there are three criteria that must be met:

1. Excellent customer service
2. Unrivalled value for money
3. A healthy return on investment

This is why we partnered with LDM, a privately owned leaflet distribution company that operate on a national scale delivering leaflets for over 5000 clients including large retailers such as ASDA and IKEA. The difference between LDM and Royal Mail leaflet drops is vast, and our clients have expressed time and time again that the service has been exemplary.

Faster Turnaround from Print to Delivery

Upon arrival with our delivery partner, your leaflets will be distributed within 5 days - the Royal Mail take up to 10 days to sort and organise the campaign from their multiple locations.

The speed and agility of our delivery partners allow us to offer a 2-week lead time from orders being placed to delivery.

Optimum Visibility with Each Door Drop

We ensure your leaflet is delivered with a maximum of 3 additional items from non-conflicting industries, rather than 6 additional items with the Royal Mail. Furthermore, you can opt for delivery with fewer other leaflets (or none at all) depending upon your budget.

Leaflets are posted flat, never folded and never encased in other, larger leaflets! This gives you extra visibility through each letterbox to maximise the response rate.


All door drop campaigns are fully GPS tracked. This allows us to provide daily or weekly updates to show you exactly where your leaflets have been posted. Our delivery partners provide all distribution teams with on-person GPS tracking devices which show the exact route each has taken.

Additionally, all delivery personnel are directly employed by our delivery partner, so we know they are loyal to the company and have undergone the relevant checks.

Lower Minimum Order Quantity that Saves You Money

WTTB offers a lower minimum order for door to door leaflet drops than the Royal Mail. This saves you money and allows you to start small and ensure our leaflet delivery services work for your company before you invest large sums of money into door drop marketing.

Choosing the Right Leaflets and Target Locations

You provide the information, and we will create your high-quality leaflets from as little as 17 pence per unit! Our in-house designers will piece together the artwork/images and text, ensuring the message flows seamlessly and represents your company in the best light.

Our experts will also proofread the leaflet and seek your approval before sending to print. If you need to make changes, not a problem, our dedicated team will work with you from start to finish to ensure you are delighted with the end product.

No matter your business type, door to door leaflets are a fantastic marketing opportunity that get you front and centre of the people you want to target.

Within 2-weeks from ordering your leaflets, you could be seen by 10,000+ people who will either keep your details for another day, get in touch with you, or even pass your leaflet on to friends and family. There are some marketing hacks that never fail, door drop marketing is a proven method of brand promotion used by companies the world over, not matter how big or small.

How to create leaflets

So, you now understand the benefit of door drop services, but where to start with your leaflets? You can use our design service to create your leaflet, or feel free to contact us personally for advice on what to include and how. It’s important to get your brand identity across on your leaflet, and include all the relevant information that will make customers remember you!

Get in touch with us today to find out how we can handle your door drop campaign from concept to delivery.



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