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Workwear Printing: Can it Boost Your Business?

Promotional merchandise is a fantastic way to promote a product or service. This can be something people wear such as workwear with a company logo (which is fantastic promotion for a business) or tote bags conveying a message or advertising a brand.

The awesome thing about printing promotional products such as clothing and apparel is that it’s the marketing collateral that keeps on giving with every wear and every use. Own a building business? Get your company logo and details printed on the back of your t-shirt for the world to see when you’re in the queue at Starbucks or your local building merchants. Have a small boutique clothing store? Offer a touch of luxury when packing your customer’s gorgeous new clothes – give them a branded tote bag they’ll use again and again when shopping and they’ll literally be marketing your company for you. Win win!

How to Get Workwear Printing RIGHT

When considering business promotion (no matter if it’s apparel such as t-shirts or other printed marketing such as business cards or flyers), there are a few basics you simply must get right:

1. Ensure your business name and logo are clear. Visual branding such as your logo is really important as people are likely to recognise a logo even if they don’t remember the business name. Don’t have a logo yet? Discover how with our guide to designing a logo for your business.

2. Include your contact details. Your phone number and email address are the most important but if you have a physical store, pop your address on there too if there’s room.

3. Invest in quality. As the proverb says: pay peanuts, get monkeys. If you’re considering workwear printing, think about where you’re buying it from. You might be able to get cheap t-shirts printed overseas but what’s the quality going to be like? Will they easily rip or discolour with daily wear? And how does this reflect on your business? Even our budget printed t-shirt range is printed on Fruit of the Loom’s original T’s. A business established for over 170 years and a real mainstay in the casual clothing industry, known for quality and durability. However, if you’re after a t-shirt for business or uniform use, we’d recommend our everyday t-shirt range which offers exceptional quality, design and comfort.

How do I Put My Own Logo on Clothes?

If you’re after something quite basic, you can buy the transfer paper yourself, print your logo onto the transfer paper using a standard at-home printer and then iron your logo onto your clothing. This of course takes time and you run the risk of getting the positioning wrong or even underestimating the heat of your iron. If you’re wondering ‘what is the cheapest way of printing on t-shirts’ – this is it. It’s not always as straightforward as it seems though, so if you decide to DIY, make sure you follow any instructions provided when you purchase your transfer.

However, if you want a high-quality option, trust an expert. WTTB are the experts when it comes to exceptional quality printed products, and we’re based right here in the UK. Find out more about us and discover why so many British businesses choose us as their print partner.

Starting a T-Shirt Business

Got a passion for fashion? Why not start selling your designs through your social media platform or an Etsy shop? Opt for bulk t-shirt printing (and save money per unit – the more you buy the more you save) or take orders for individual designs from hen parties, stag dos or events companies.

How to Start a Printed T-Shirts Business

• Decide who your target audience is
• Create your website or online shop and social media business suits
• Work out your budget
• Research your price point compared to competitors and make a list of your USPs (quick delivery, UK-based, quality fabrics, etc)
• Contact WTTB as soon as orders start coming in

How Profitable are T-Shirt Businesses?

This largely depends on whether you print the t-shirts at home or come to a t-shirt printing company like us to do the work for you. And which option you choose depends on the quality you’re putting out there. It is of course cheaper for you to print t-shirts at home, but the quality won’t be as good, so if you’re selling a premium product, you should look for premium printing.

Consider your target market and ask yourself ‘is there a niche sector I can crack’? With a massive focus on eco-friendly and sustainable living, organic t-shirt printing might be something potential ‘green’ customers would love. This gives you a USP your competitors mightn’t have.

Whichever route you choose, you can add a great mark-up to personalised t-shirts so it’s safe to say that t-shirt businesses have every chance of being highly profitable. Just ensure your online and offline marketing strategies align and make sure you’re promoting yourself well.

Can I Put Anything in a T-Shirt and Sell It?

Unfortunately, no, you cannot. Let’s say you want to print a t-shirt with a Nike tick and the slogan ‘Just Do It’, you would be subject to copyright infringement and likely get a hefty fine or a cease and desist from the heavies at Nike, or both. There are many slogans and logos that are protected by copyright laws, so you should always do your homework to ensure you’re not putting designs on t-shirts that could get you into trouble.

So, whether you are starting a t-shirt printing business or looking at ways you can get your business name and branding out there, think print.

From personalised aprons to printed mugs, the promotional materials you choose for your business can help you get seen even when you’re on your holiday. Put your brand front and centre with marketing collateral people can use or wear, and you’ll be getting free exposure for years to come!


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