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A Guide to Artbook Printing

Our guide to art book printing is a treasure trove of knowledge for aspiring artists and publishers looking to bring their creations to life in stunning printed form. From selecting the right paper and binding techniques to choosing the optimal printing technologies, our guide covers it all. Unlock the secrets to successful artbook printing, learn how to make an art book and elevate your artistic vision to new heights.

What is an art book?

An art book is a captivating, visually-rich publication of many kinds that celebrates the world of art in all its forms. It serves as a delightful window into the creative minds of talented artists from various periods, genres, and cultures. Art books can be filled with beautiful illustrations, photographs, and insightful commentary; they offer a comprehensive exploration of artists, art movements, or even particular themes. Art books are an excellent resource for both art enthusiasts and professionals, providing a deeper understanding of the artist's inspirations, techniques, and influences. More than just a collection of images, an art book is a carefully curated experience that invites readers to immerse themselves in the vibrant and diverse world of art. Whether you seek inspiration, education, or simply the pleasure of discovering new artistic treasures, an art book is a perfect companion for any lover of creativity and beauty.

How are art books printed?

Art books are printed using a meticulous process that ensures the highest quality reproductions of artwork. The first step involves capturing high-resolution images of the artwork using professional photography or scanning techniques. These images are then meticulously edited to ensure accurate representation and colour reproduction. Once the digital files are prepared, they are sent to specialised printers equipped with advanced technology to achieve precise colour matching and detail reproduction. Paper selection is also crucial, as it must complement the artwork while maintaining durability. Finally, the printed pages are carefully bound and assembled into the final art book, ready to be enjoyed and treasured by art enthusiasts.

How to make an art book

Book printing for your art can be done in several ways, making the most of the available technology for maximum effect – and using methods that we also offer at WTTB.

For example, layflat books – where a large image can be spread across two pages without a fold so it doesn’t compromise the picture at all – are a must when it comes to displaying a stunning picture or painting.

A casebound book is also a way to add value to your art book and is a viable option for people who wish to sell their artbooks at a higher price.

Why do artists make art books?

For artists of any calibre within any industry, making an art book can be an incredibly affirming way to showcase a full body of your work. Books like our hardcover layflat books are just that – a high-quality, stylish publication to be read and admired, as a point of reference or even just as an accessory to showcase your interests and talent. Artists make art books for a multitude of reasons, each as unique as their creative expression. These captivating compilations serve as a tangible extension of the artist's vision, providing an intimate and immersive experience for both the creator and the audience. Art books allow artists to showcase their works in a comprehensive and curated manner, presenting their portfolio or body of work as a cohesive narrative.

How do I make my own art book?

If you're an artist looking to showcase your work in a unique and tangible way, making your own art book can be a rewarding experience. This kind of artistic project allows you to curate and present your creations in a cohesive and personal manner.

Once you have all the materials ready, lay out your artwork in an intuitive way that’s visually appealing to you. Experiment with different compositions, captions, and alternative orders to create an engaging narrative for your viewers. Finally, consider adding a personal touch by including the artist's notes or an introduction to provide insight into your creative process.

Making an art book is not only a testament to your artistic abilities but also a keepsake that can be treasured for years to come. So, let your imagination soar and create a masterpiece that reflects your unique artistic journey.

What is the best size for an art book?

When it comes to the best size for an art book, there are a few factors to consider. First and foremost, it depends on the content and purpose of the book. For coffee table art books, larger sizes like 11x14 inches or even oversized formats can showcase the artwork beautifully and make a statement in any space. These larger sizes allow for more detailed images and offer an immersive experience.

On the other hand, if the art book is intended for practical use or portability, smaller sizes like 8x10 inches or even pocket-sized formats can be more convenient like our softcover layflat books. These compact sizes are perfect for art enthusiasts who want to carry their favourite pieces with them or for artists who want to showcase their work in a more portable manner.

Ultimately, the best size for an art book depends on personal preference, the intended audience, and the purpose of the book. Whether it's large and impactful or small and practical, the size should enhance the visual experience and fulfil its intended purpose.

Whether you’re a budding or seasoned artist, choose WTTB for some of the best book printing in the UK. Make your own art book today and enjoy free delivery on us.


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