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How to create, publish and sell your first book

Over the past few years, we’ve all had more time on our hands during lockdowns to explore creative interests we may have previously neglected. Many people have enjoyed escaping to another world through writing and have started writing a book for the first time. After completing the writing process, you may be surprised to learn that self-publishing a book is cheaper than you may think. Today we’re going to cover the three key steps to publishing your own book to help your dreams of becoming a published writer come true.

1. Writing the Book

There are so many different options for topics for your first book. You could consider writing a piece of fiction, your autobiography or a historical work about your local town or family history. Choose something you are passionate about and believe you’ll enjoy writing thousands of words on. Fiction is a popular option at the moment, and you can use your writing as a means of escaping from the struggles we are all currently facing. Creating a book that can be passed down through your family is another great option. You can write a family history book or autobiography telling your life story, which your children and grandchildren will enjoy reading in the future.

It’s worth having an idea in mind for how long you’d like your book to be, as this may help guide you in the direction of the type of book you would like to create. Once you’ve decided on your topic, create a structure for your book, which will help break your writing sessions down into segments. From there, set yourself a goal each day to spend a short time in front of your laptop writing. It doesn’t have to be more than thirty minutes a day, but this commitment will help get the momentum going for this new project.

2. Producing the Book

Once the hard work of writing your book is complete, it’s time to think about self-publishing your masterpiece. With our publishing book printing service, you can print a book that’s between 28 and 600 pages long, so it’s ideal for any piece of writing. The great thing about self-publishing in this way is that you only have to print one copy to get started. Choose the number of copies you’d like to get printed, whether that’s a single book for a one-off memento or thousands of copies if you are aspiring to be the next best-selling author.

The process couldn’t be simpler, as you’ll just upload your completed work to the site, and then it will be sent to print. You can choose from a variety of colour schemes and book sizes to fit your needs, so you’ll enjoy receiving a book that’s as unique as the story you tell within it. We have combined market-leading HP T250 inkjet technology for text blocks with HP Indigo digitally printed covers to provide the perfect production solution for publishing grade books that provide incredible value. If it’s your dream to be a published author, there’s no easier way to achieve this than by publishing your writing independently.

3. Distributing the Book

Once you have your printed book in your hands, you may decide you’d like to share your story and book with the world. Amazon is one of the top options for individuals looking to self-publish, and you’ll reach a wide audience on their site. It’s easy to set up an account on their website, and you’ll have your new book listed and ready for the world to find. Alternatively, consider setting up your own website or social media account, where you can independently sell your book. When the world returns to normality, you may enjoy taking your book to local book fairs or events, where you can enjoy chatting with potential customers and sharing your story.

For many writers, publishing a book is a lifelong dream, and while we all find ourselves with more time to spare, now is a great time to fulfil this goal. Self-publishing makes the process easy and allows you to decide precisely how many copies you’d like to create. Regardless of what type of book you are working on, take the opportunity to bring your work to life with paperback printing that can be fully customised to your needs.


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