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The benefits of layflat books

Picture this – you’re creating a magnificent, high quality book with an image that is so impressive it needs to be spread across two pages.

To get the full effect, it needs to be seen as one, sprawling, epic photograph – so what do you do about the very obvious fold in the middle?

The frustration of this situation is however very easily remedied, by simply choosing a lay flat option for your publication.

Lay flat does what it says on the tin – it allows a book to be opened completely flat so that any image which runs across two pages appears as one, with only an almost imperceptible fold across the centre.

For those times when a landscape or panoramic view is required in print this is definitely the go to solution, faithfully reproducing that incredible image in an unspoilt way.

There are lots of applications where lay flat is the perfect choice for binding your book, particularly if high quality is a consideration.

The process involves single sheets of paper which are then gently folded, rather than two pages with one half of the image on each side. The spreads are then attached individually to form a block, giving a really stylish finish.

At WTTB we now offer lay flat as an option for our customers know they need to make an impact. Here’s just a few ideas for when this really should be your choice.

Wedding photo albums made from layflat books

Wedding photobooks are becoming increasingly more popular, a lasting reminder of that special day that can be kept by the happy couple and be given out to family and friends.

The quality of lay flat books mean they look superb and those large group shots means that your favourite uncle or aunt can be clearly seen without a big fold running through their head!

Catalogues made for your business

Art galleries, auction houses, exhibitions – anyone that wants to showcase quality items for sale needs a quality item to do it with.

High quality catalogues have become collectors’ items in their own right and are often the perfect coffee table book to enhance the interior of your home or even your business.

For anyone operating in the fine arts or rare books sectors, a lay flat catalogue is more than a tool to make sales – it’s an opportunity to highlight a brand.

You might not be able to afford any of the items on offer but buying a smart catalogue with beautiful images is a great way to feel part of something special.

At the same time many upmarket estate agents who sell expensive properties or new developments often create a lay flat book to showcase what is on offer.

The investment in something that is highly creative and visual is a fantastic marketing tool to use with prospective buyers.

Layflat Year Books made for a school or college

The trend to create school or college year books has grown massively in the UK, following on from this fashion which has existed for decades in America.

A lay flat book is definitely the best choice for this style of books, where the pages will not spring back in the way they might do with perfect binding.

Again the chances are that this is the kind of publication that the recipient wants to last a lifetime, so quality is definitely a major consideration.

Photobooks made from layflat books

We’ve all got hundreds of photographs on our phones or even hard copies in dusty boxes in our attics.

A photobook is the perfect way to keep these images in one safe place where they can be preserved for posterity – and by using lay flat binding then none of the detail is going to get missed.

The fact that you can add a caption or a memory means that this becomes a very valuable keepsake, either for you to treasure or for you to give as a gift to family and friends.

Our range of books and brochures are all printed with high quality materials and can be printed in almost any way that you’d like them to be! Get creative with layflat books at WTTB!


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