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The best jobs for book lovers and people who love to read

Reading is a passion shared by many, nothing takes you away from it all like a good book. But wouldn’t it be great to turn your passion into your career, and enjoy reading all day every day? It can be rare to find a job you love, but as the old saying goes, do something you love for a living, and you’ll never work a day in your life. And we couldn’t agree more. That’s why we’ve collated a comprehensive guide of the best jobs for book lovers.

What job can I do if I love reading books?

If you find yourself asking yourself, ‘how can I make a career out of reading?’ and have a deep passion for reading books, you're in luck. Several jobs could be a great fit for you. From a librarian, where you can curate and share your favourite books with others, to being an editor or even an English teacher, we’ve got some fantastic ideas for career paths, fellow bookworm. Let’s deep dive into some business ideas for bookworms; perhaps one of these will speak to you.

Open a Bookstore

There’s something really special about an independent bookstore, especially traditional bookstores with a little bell over the door and lovely muted lighting. They have that universal feeling of calm, and the aroma of old books is something book lovers relish.

Become a Librarian

An important and fulfilling role for anyone who loves books, a librarian is responsible for the care of library books and overall operations of the library they run, and the important work they do is reflected with a rewarding salary! Librarians are invaluable as they offer advice and insight into literary works and help people find the books they are looking for or even the books they don’t know they need to read. Pointing someone in the direction of a good book could change their life, giving librarians a fantastic sense of purpose. And for book lovers, what could be better than being surrounded by inspiring and exciting literary works all day?

Become a book critic

This can be a tough market to crack but if you make it as a paid book reviewer, this could easily be the best job in the world for those who love to read! To gain notoriety around book reviewing we’d recommend you start small with a book reviewing blog or vlog. This is a great way to gain book reviewing experience and also provides a portfolio of your reviews so that paying media companies can see your work. Once you feel you have enough experience you can pitch yourself as a freelance book reviewer to local media outlets such as newspapers and magazines.

Business ideas for book lovers

If you're a book lover with an entrepreneurial spirit, there are countless business ideas that can merge your passion for literature with your desire to start something of your own. Consider opening a cosy bookstore that hosts author events and book clubs, or launch an online bookstore that curates personalised book recommendations. Alternatively, you can become a book editor or offer proofreading services to aspiring authors. Another possibility is creating a subscription box service that delivers specially curated books and literary-themed goodies to subscribers. The possibilities are endless for you to turn your love for books into a successful business venture.

Business ideas for writers

With great writing comes great responsibility (or something like that) and if you have a skill for writing, putting it to good use can be very lucrative. But, even if you don’t make a killing, doing something you love for a living is far more important. If you're a talented wordsmith looking to dive into the business world, there are several exciting avenues to explore. First, consider offering freelance writing services, whether it's content creation, copywriting, or ghostwriting. You could also establish yourself as a writing coach, helping aspiring writers hone their skills. If you enjoy storytelling, launching a blog or podcast could be a fantastic way to showcase your work and build a loyal audience. Lastly, self-publishing your own books or creating online courses can offer both creative fulfilment and financial success.

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Online jobs for book lovers


Becoming a blogger might just be the perfect job for you. As a blogger, you can share your love for books with the world, write insightful reviews, recommend hidden gems, and connect with fellow bookworms. So grab your laptop and start typing your way to a dream job.


Screenwriting is an exciting profession that allows you to adapt captivating stories from the pages of books to the big screen. As a screenwriter, you can bring characters to life, create compelling dialogue, and visually translate the essence of beloved novels. With dedication and practice, you can learn the craft of screenwriting and embark on a rewarding journey of transforming literature into captivating cinematic experiences.

Become an Author

Our final and probably our favourite goal for those who love to read is to write. All those books you have soaked in over the years will no doubt have left you with an abundance of inspiration for your literary work. Whilst it can be a highly competitive and difficult market to crack, authorship is rewarding and cathartic. Check out our book publishing blog for more information on writing your book and getting it published.

Pursuing a career that involves books can bring immense joy and fulfilment to an avid bookworm. We hope you’ve found inspiration and potential opportunities that perfectly align with your passion for literature with our handy guide. Whether you choose to work in publishing, libraries, or even as a writer yourself, know that your love for books can shape a rewarding professional path.


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