Our Impact

WTTB wants to shape the future of print and the world we live in. That's why we work tirelessly to minimise the impact of operations and promote our involvement in charitable activity.

The world around us

We know it's more important than ever to reduce impact on the environment. WTTB are committed to playing our part, with initiatives and procedures in place to operate responsibly and sustainably.


• ISO 9001 Certified
• ISO 14001 Certified
• ISO 27001 Certified
• FSC® Certified
• PEFC Certified
• Two Sides Commercial Member


Widespread use of vegetable inks
Extensive energy and water-saving initiatives
Safe storage, use and disposal of chemicals
Recycling all possible materials to cut waste and emissions
Actively promoting print on demand to help reduce waste

Giving back

Support is everything. That's why WTTB play an active part in giving back to local, national and international communities through causes we care about.


WTTB supported the pandemic in many ways, including donations and fundraisers. Our production facility also assisted in producing vital PPE for the NHS and helped raise spirits, with 2,350 clappers distributed around the country.

Supporting Ukraine

Our team members have banded together to donate clothing, toiletries, nappies, baby food, and other necessities to the people of Ukraine. So far, we've delivered 6 pallets to Poland and will continue to show our support.

Breast Cancer Now

During Breast Cancer awareness month, WTTB raised funds to help support life-saving research and support. Various events and activities were held across the company, lead by Emma Cooper, raising over £3,000 for the cause.

Australian Bushfires

Supporting the Australian bushfire disaster relief, WTTB played a part in recovery efforts. Together with our customers, £2,500 was raised for the Australian Red Cross, providing vital support to people affected by the bushfire crisis.


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