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Video QR CAMIcodes

Whether it's an informative video for a trade show or a heartfelt message for a close friend, CAMIcodes are a great way to add a personal touch to your printed products.

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Product description

What better way to engage friends, family or customers in your messaging than through video? Revolutionise your marketing with personalised CAMIcodes to bring every product to life. With them, you can send personal video messages directly to the recipient, making their gift or item even more meaningful and memorable.

CAMIcodes are perfect for every occasion, whether a birthday wish on a card, a thank you video on a wedding table card, or just to let someone know you're thinking of them. It is also a fantastic option for businesses looking to add a special touch to their product or provide information through roller banners, business cards or even personalised badges.

Technical specifications:
• 29-second and 3-minute video lengths
• Create directly on device or upload from computer
• Single and 12-month storage options
• App on Apple and Google Play store
• Real-time reporting

Uses: Business cards, promotional materials, invitations and more.

Artwork Tip: Make sure the CAMIcode is no smaller than 3cm to ensure your code is easily recognisable.

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NOTE: You should receive your CAMIcode within an hour of purchasing. Once it arrives, you must scan the code to upload or create the video. Watch our step-by-step video guide here.

Frequently Asked Questions

No question is too big or small for WTTB. We understand that placing a print order online for the first time can be tricky, but we're here to help. If the below FAQs don’t provide the answer you need, get in touch via live chat or telephone. We love speaking to people, so don't be shy.

What is a CAMIcode?

A CAMIcode is a unique form of video QR code that enables you to create and share personalised messages for various marketing or personal purposes.

How do I receive my CAMIcode?

To receive your CAMIcode, please allow up to one hour after purchasing it. You will then receive a PDF file via the email you used during the purchase process.

How do I use my CAMIcode?

Once your CAMIcode arrives, you must scan the code to create the video directly or upload a video from your device. After confirming, you can upload the CAMIcode to your marketing materials or heartfelt gifts.

How long can my CAMIcode message be?

We have two CAMIcode options available – up to 30 seconds or 3 minutes — enough time to promote products and services or send personalised greetings to somebody.

Is there a minimum size my CAMIcode should be printed?

To ensure legibility, we recommend that the minimum size for printing the CAMIcode is 3cm x 3cm. Printing the code at a smaller size may compromise its clarity, making it difficult to scan or read.

Can you upload it to my artwork for me?

While we provide the CAMIcode itself, we do not directly offer the service of uploading it to your artwork. However, we have an Artworker+ service available for any assistance you may require with the artwork or any other graphic design needs.

Are CAMIcodes secure?

CAMIcodes are designed with the utmost security to ensure your communication remains safe and trustworthy. You can rest assured that CAMIcodes prioritise protecting your data and maintaining a secure environment for your interactions.

How long are my CAMIcodes stored for?

We offer two separate storage options for your CAMIcodes, depending on your needs.

• For your month-long CAMIcodes, ideal for short-term promotional campaigns, we store your personalised message securely for 30 days.
•For event-type storage, we provide a 12-month storage option, making it great for weddings, parties or other long-term occasions.

Please note that after the respective storage period ends, your CAMIcodes will no longer be active or accessible, so be sure to plan accordingly.

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