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The ultimate guide to WTTB's print reseller tools

It’s time to reveal some of WTTB’s best kept secrets!

We have developed a whole host of tools to help our print reseller community. However, some resellers have told us that they are not aware of them or aren’t sure where to find them. So in this blog, we’ll give you the full lowdown on our reseller tools and how they can help you.

Where do you find your reseller tools?

All of your reseller tools are located in your account. Simply select reseller tools from the drop-down list of options under your account icon. As soon as you do this the complete range of reseller tools becomes available. Let’s look at each of the options.

Markup calculator

This allows you to apply a standard percentage markup to all WTTB products. You can change it at any time. When you create a price for any WTTB product you see straight away what you are being charged and the price with your markup. This allows you to quote a customer instantly over the phone without using a calculator. You can also easily work out how much money you are making on a project. Most importantly, it allows you to download an instant branded quote.

Branded quotes

Our branded quotes tool allows you to create an instant PDF quote for your clients. Under the branded quote tab you can add your company details and a logo. Once you have also applied a percentage markup you have an option to save a retail quote as well as a normal quote. This option is under the marked-up price calculations on each product page. If you save a retail quote, a branded pdf is instantly created with your company details and marked-up price, ready for you to send to your prospect.

Sector Image Bank

Do you want more relevant imagery for your marketing? We have got you covered! In the image bank are pictures of many of WTTB’s most popular products. They have been created with content and imagery that is specific to 22 different market sectors. Resellers are free to use these images for their sales and marketing, including their websites, subject to WTTB’s terms of use.

Industry Sector PDFs

We have also created a series of unbranded PDFs for 93 different types of customer. These PDFs have sets of images with a whole host of products to inspire the recipient. They are ideal to send out electronically or as hard copies with quotes or jobs. Are you quoting a photographer for business cards? Send out the pdf and they may soon realise that it would also be worth investing in leaflets and a roller banner. This is done for you marketing at its easiest.

New Product Brochure

We have also combined all the Industry Sector PDFs into a complete 334-page catalogue, so customers can see the full range of products and sector that you can service. Naturally the catalogue is unbranded and it is a simple job to add your logo to the covers. We’ll be producing printed copies of these soon. They will be available exclusively to resellers and your first copy is free.

Product samples

This is a shortcut for you to order physical product samples. Our samples are pre-printed in unbranded designs. They are ideal for letting prospects and customers see the quality of what you are offering. Simply choose which products you want and we’ll deliver them to you at no charge: you simply pay the postage.

10 Minute Print Marketing Tips

If you need some help with sales and marketing ideas, this series of videos will help. Champion of Print Matthew Parker of Profitable Print Relationships used to be a buyer who was sold to by over 1,400 printing companies. He now shares simple, practical strategies that work with today’s buyers. You can watch a video over a cup of tea and be ready to implement a new sales tactic straight away. We will be adding more to this library so make sure you revisit it.


Over the years WTTB has run a series of highly successful webinars. If you went to one and want a refresher, you can find the recordings here. And if you didn’t go, now is your chance to catch up. There’s a lot of really useful information here. Have a binge-watch one weekend and come away with a whole range of useful business inspiration.

Video Tutorials

These are quick 2-minute technical videos. Need a quick refresher on binding types, lamination or envelope printing? Or do you need a quick run-through on how to use part of the WTTB site or create a pdf correctly? We cover all this and more here.

Sales Training

Create your own sales action plan and win new business in just 4 hours a week. WTTB is offering resellers an exclusive 10% discount on Matthew Parker’s book “How To Succeed At Print Sales” which covers how to improve your sales results by using 12-week sales projects.

Make sure you visit your reseller regularly

You find plenty to help inspire you, create more efficient workflows and grow your business. Explore the full range of tools available exclusively for print resellers today.


Can’t find your sector?

We want to help all businesses find products tailored to their needs. We continually add to our list of industries - help us expand this library by entering your business sector below.