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Artworker+: Your Partner in Professional Graphic Design

You've decided to make a big push in marketing your business to grow your audience and boost sales. There's one issue: you have no experience creating artwork and don't have the time or designers available to fulfil your brief. Don't fret because here at WTTB, we have a solution!

Woman using Artworker+ on-demand graphic design service

What is Artworker+?

Artworker+ is a graphic design service for businesses looking to cut overhead costs and recruitment efforts while delivering professional design to you and your customers. Its' sole purpose is to provide support, whether for resellers interested in providing regular assistance to their customers or empowering clients and smaller-budget sellers with the ability to create personalised designs and keep up with demand.

That's all well and good, but how does it actually work? Artworker+ originally started as a subscription-only, on-demand design platform. Still, to cater to the increasing queries, as of September 2023, we have launched our Pay-as-you-Go packages to coincide with the subscriptions.

Once you've chosen a tier, it's smooth sailing. We hate forms as much as the next person, so we've designed ours to be as simple as possible. You fill out the form with your brief on what you want and how you want it. That's anything from designing a premium business card to a fully realised logo design and company branding to match! After you've given us the concept, or at the very least, guidelines, we will get to work. At that point, there is nothing more for you to do besides wait for your job to be completed. You'll know you've received a draft when you get an email sent to the address under which you purchased the package. Thanks to our built-in web-proofing system, you can review what our designer has accomplished and make suggestions or comments based on your opinion of the draft. If you're happy with the initial draft, you can mark it as approved and download the print ready artwork there and then. Tell us your changes if you need alterations, and we'll amend them as requested. You can go back and forth with the designer as often as required, provided it fits within the package's allocated allowance. And that's that! You can even have three ongoing orders, allowing for better project management.

But why Artworker+?

Why should you use Artworker+? The answer is simple. Whilst websites like Canva are an easily accessible resource for anyone, Artworker+ edges it because everything Artworker+ creates is bespoke to your specifications. Gone are the days of generic logos and subpar business cards when you have Artworker+ to work with. In addition to someone handling all of the work for you, creating extra time and money to spend elsewhere, it's also under your direction. You deliberate how our professional graphic designers achieve your brief through suggestions and comments, working together to create something truly unique. Canva, on the other hand, allows for a plethora of basic designs that, unless you're willing to pay for a subscription to use the more sophisticated artworks, fall shy of anything that realises your creative vision. In addition, you're also obliged to pay to resize your templates to better suit our products, which could set you back hours, potentially wasting valuable time and effort. With Artworker+, you don't need to worry, as our product catalogue templates are the ones that are used when requesting designs. Additionally, when using Artworker+, you, as the customer, own the copyright to everything produced. If you used Canva, however, your ownership is subject to third-party rights, and nobody wants that.

Artworker+ graphic

How much does Artworker+ cost?

It's starting to sound like a great on-demand design service, but how much is it? That is a good question! As of September 2023, we have stripped back much of what Artworker+ once was, with our minds set towards the future of on-demand graphic design. A subscription means a commitment, which some people are unwilling to do or don't need the services as long as they are offered, ultimately wasting their money. Meet Bronze, Silver and Gold, our new Pay-as-you-Go packages!

Our Bronze tier is perfect for quick tasks requiring immediate attention or minor adjustments without a long-term commitment. Our Bronze package lasts up to two hours, with the ability to top up as you go, sitting at an incredibly competitive pricing of £35 per two hours. Whether you need small digital marketing materials like a web advert or a sticker design, Bronze is your pick.

The Silver tier package is ideal for projects with a limited design and structure scope. Silver allows you up to five hours of dedicated graphic design, with the ability to top up for the price of £70. This tier covers all your merchandise needs, from t-shirts to posters, social infographics and even PowerPoint templates for that critical meeting.

Gold is our premium PAYG tier, perfect for important concepts where extra depth and effort are essential. From a complete brand identity, with a logo included, to a static web landing page, our Gold tier is perfect at £110 for ten-hour intervals of professional design commitment.

But what about Subscriptions?

It would be impolite for us not to introduce you to our new rebranded subscription package. After reassessing our customers' needs, we revised our offering with the intent to deliver as much value as possible at one competitive price. Meet the new-and-improved Platinum subscription tier.

The Platinum tier is catered to those individuals or small teams seeking ongoing graphic design aid to help drive their growth and profit. At just £175 a month and twenty hours of dedicated design time, there's no limit to what you can get done.

All of these packages come with downloadable files and a print-ready PDF. In addition to your devoted graphic designer, you can also have three projects ongoing at the same time, and after you're finished with it all, you have 5GB of storage to keep your files safe.

You asked, and we listened. After heeding customers' input, we've tailored this to you so you can find value in Artworker+. But don't just take our word for it; test drive Artworker+ today with the first two hours of your purchase completely free of charge.


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