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Printing Industry Events in 2024

Man at print industry expo looking at various stalls and exhibits

Embracing the dynamic trends within the UK printing industry is not only vital but also the ultimate secret to maintaining a competitive edge. And what better way to do that than by attending the most prestigious events that bring together the industry's greatest minds and products? These gatherings provide a platform to hone your printing prowess and offer unparalleled networking opportunities, all with a chance to discover the latest trends shaping the future of print.

Mark your calendar and prepare to make waves in the printing world in 2024. We've compiled a list of the top printing industry events in the UK (and some that are not) worth looking into. Whether you're a graphic designer, a print buyer or a trade reseller looking to broaden your catalogue, these events will help you connect with potential clients, forge partnerships and immerse yourself in the ever-evolving landscape of the UK printing industry.

1. Packaging Innovations & Empack

This event is a hub of innovation, showcasing the latest advancements in packaging design, materials and technologies. With a particular focus on printing, attendees can explore cutting-edge techniques and connect with industry experts. Networking opportunities and knowledge-sharing sessions make this event essential for staying updated on sustainable and eco-friendly packaging trends.

Date: 21st - 22nd February 2024

Location: NEC Birmingham

2. Sign & Digital UK

Sign & Digital UK is the ultimate destination for sign-making, digital printing and visual communication professionals. Explore the latest innovations and technologies in the field - from state-of-the-art sign-making equipment to digital printers and software; this event offers a comprehensive showcase of the industry's advancements. Stay ahead of emerging trends and gain valuable insights into business opportunities for 2024.

Date: 25th - 27th February 2024

Location: NEC Birmingham

3. FESPA Global Print Expo

FESPA is an internationally renowned event by the Federation of European Screen Printers Associations. This expo combines an impressive array of print technology, materials and solutions. Attendees can immerse themselves in educational sessions, workshops and networking opportunities to expand their industry knowledge and connect with key players in the print industry. With its international scope, the FESPA Global Print Expo is a must-attend event for anyone seeking to stay at the forefront of the print world.

Date: 19th - 22nd March

Location: Amsterdam, Netherlands

4. Visual Media Conference

The Visual Media Conference is a premier event dedicated to showcasing the latest trends, innovations and best practices in the visual media industry. This conference provides an ideal platform for professionals to network, learn and share knowledge and insights. Attendees can look forward to keynote speeches, interactive panel discussions, workshops and sessions led by industry experts - whether design trends and creative strategies or emerging technologies, branding and the impact of visual media across various sectors. The conference also features an exhibition area where businesses, agencies and service providers can showcase their products, services and innovations to attendees.

Date: 4th April

Location: The Rose Bowl, Leeds

5. drupa

Drupa, the largest and most influential international trade fair for the printing and packaging industry, brings professionals from diverse cultures, backgrounds and perspectives together every four years. This global event is a premier platform for showcasing the latest advancements, technologies and solutions in the printing industry worldwide. With a focus on inclusivity and understanding the unique needs of diverse markets, suppliers, printers, and publishers come together at Drupa to exhibit their products and services, exchange knowledge and explore new business opportunities. The event also offers a program of seminars, conferences and panel discussions led by industry experts, providing valuable insights into emerging trends and the challenges faced by the global printing industry.

Date: 28th May - 7th June

Location: Düsseldorf, Germany

6. The Print Show

The Print Show is not just any trade exhibition but a celebration of diversity and innovation within the UK printing industry. This annual event brings together professionals from backgrounds working in commercial printing, digital printing and more. Attendees can explore diverse products and services, compare offerings from different suppliers and make intelligent decisions while appreciating the contributions of professionals from various cultures and backgrounds. Beyond that, it offers a range of educational seminars, workshops, and live demonstrations led by industry experts, celebrating the innovative mindset and diverse perspectives in the UK's printing industry.

Date: 17th - 19th September

Location: NEC Birmingham

Attending industry events is a fundamental part of staying ahead in the UK printing industry. These events provide a platform for professionals to discover the latest trends, connect with industry experts and forge valuable partnerships. Whether it's the UK's Print Show or international events like FESPA or Drupa, there are plenty of opportunities to immerse yourself in the world of printing in 2024.


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