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How To Transform The Delivery Process With Print

In 2020, package deliveries quickly developed into a national pastime. Now, the experience of receiving a parcel has become almost as important as the product it contains. Adding value to your product to ensure repeat custom is becoming increasingly crucial in saturated markets with strong competition such as Etsy and Not on the High Street.

We look at the crucial role print media plays in the delivery process and how it can drive sales and improve brand perception.

A strong first impression

First impressions are everything. After an online purchase, the first physical contact you'll have with a customer will be at their doorstep, making your packaging the face of your company. It may be a small part of the process, but it should never be underestimated. The quality of this experience gives a professional presence that will attract returning customers.

Custom packaging will show your business's competency and readiness to deliver good service in the future. Printed postal boxes are an easy and affordable way to improve brand awareness, driving customer anticipation from the moment they receive it.

Printed stickers can also help speed up the delivery processes. Labels pre-printed with a return address, brand logo and other essential information will save you time and ensure each package maintains a high standard.

In a fast-paced world, quick delivery is essential. A recent survey showed that 40% of customers would pay more for speedier delivery. Including a premium delivery option will increase conversion and drive sales against competitors.

Adding a personal touch

Print is an essential part of the customer service experience. Figures show that 50% of customers will increase their spending with a company after a positive experience. Postal delivery may seem impersonal, but printed materials can improve a customer's shopping journey and the chance of continual brand loyalty.

Thank you notes are increasingly utilised by small businesses to add a personal touch to their deliveries. Whether it is to thank the customer for supporting a small business or showing how the order contributes to charity, an extra thanks beyond the order confirmation email goes a long way.

Having these appreciation postcards pre-printed on quality paper adds a premium feel to your product. It demonstrates your attention to detail is as great as the product itself. For an extra touch, add a small signature to the bottom as a personal approval.

Consistency and cost

When you've worked hard to develop your product and service in-house, outsourcing can be a hard step. However, it can make your work more affordable and assist in building returning customers and revenue.

Using a print company can help create and maintain quality throughout your products and deliveries. Plus, you'll benefit from additional savings, increasing productivity in other areas of your business.

Quality is key when creating a premium service and product. Using quality print materials will help portray the image of a prestige brand. Consider your costs as an investment and measure how it can help your profit.

Using recycled materials in your packaging and literature may increase the overall delivery cost, but 66% of consumers are prepared to pay more for sustainability. This message can also form part of the note that you leave – illustrate why this delivery is important, not just because it contains your product.

Quality starts with delivery

Printed media is the physical representation of your brand. Every leaflet, flyer or piece of packaging that displays your logo or branding represents the attention to detail and care you put into every order.

Look back at the best delivery you have received or the best unboxing experience you can remember. Identifying the quality of a brand and product starts with the delivery. Utilising print can help elevate the confidence between your company and the customer and lead to continued loyalty.


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