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Unlock Your Small Business Potential with CAMIcodes

The single biggest challenge for small businesses is awareness. The constant need to adapt and find innovative ways to attract customers is time-consuming, where, ironically, this time is probably spent better elsewhere. Thanks to CAMIcodes, this doesn't have to be the case this Small Business Saturday and every Saturday past that.

Woman holding leaflet with CAMIcode on it

What is Small Business Saturday?

For those unaware of what Small Business Saturday is, it is a marketing initiative created by American Express to encourage shopping at local small businesses just in time for the holidays. In tandem with Black Friday and Cyber Monday, which push forward retail brands and e-commerce stores, #SmallBusinessSaturday falls on the 2nd of December 2023 promoting local enterprise.

But where do CAMIcodes come into all of this? For small businesses looking to promote their latest products and discounts or want to offer something different that could attract potential customers, CAMIcodes are the ideal match. Serving as dynamic, personalised video QR codes, customers can scan and instantly access engaging content, which goes a long way in customer retention.

Maximising exposure this Small Business Saturday

There are a multitude of ways in which CAMIcodes can be used to achieve awareness in local communities. One of the easiest methods to launch a product and advertise it to the local communities is through the use of business cards or flyers. Only a little time and effort is required in creating one, and it adds a level of personalisation to your branding materials that bigger companies lack, so the payoff is drastic. Small businesses often find that sales and other promotions serve as a helpful incentive for customers to shop. What better way to shout about the latest offers than some carefully crafted banners that hang outside your store or even posters that can be put in the store window or within the community itself?

Given that #SmallBusinessSaturday falls on the first Saturday of December, it is prime time for small businesses to attend craft fairs and advertise their brand amongst the local people. Craft fairs are an excellent means to drive attention towards your business, and CAMIcodes assist in that regard even more. Craft stalls often have to catch the attention of passersby, and a great way of doing so is with elegant display and careful product placement. The issue with that, however, is there may be limited space for you to showcase your wares to their fullest potential. CAMIcodes provide an easy workaround whereby one could be placed on a roller banner or strut card to display your store's catalogue and latest offerings without overcrowding your stall. You can offer an extra incentive for customers to visit your store past the craft fair with a limited edition, exclusive CAMIcode. An example could be a video message that showcases the latest arrival to your product range, with a code which can be cited at point of purchase for a discounted price.

Coaster with cold drink and CAMIcode

Whilst it is easier to incorporate retail brands into the idea of Small Business Saturday, that isn't to say hospitality businesses cannot get involved. A local pub or coffee shop could use their settings to create a comfortable atmosphere but also refreshingly showcase their products. In place of a menu or atop a coaster could be one (or several) CAMIcodes showcasing the meal or drink of the day in a way that is separate from the more traditional means of chalk and board. This premise could be taken even further with takeaway brochures of shots of your delicious food and drink in its best light, helping your customers decide what they would like to order with ease.

Keeping track with the locals

And, thanks to CAMIcode's real-time analytics, you can track and monitor customer behaviour easier than ever! Traditional forms of advertising can prove costly and may not yield the desired results for small businesses. CAMIcodes, however, are a highly cost-effective alternative. They can help you identify which campaigns resonate most with your local audience and help you refine your marketing strategies to the best they can be - whether that's customer demographics based on location and product, preferences, and even purchasing patterns. This data can empower small businesses to make data-driven decisions and tailor their marketing efforts for maximum impact - no more flat marketing strategies with flyers delivered through peoples' letterboxes.

As small businesses strive to compete in an ever-evolving digital landscape, embracing innovative marketing tools like CAMIcodes becomes crucial. Incorporating these interactive codes into your marketing strategy can significantly elevate your brand visibility, customer engagement and sales. Take advantage of Small Business Saturday to build awareness around your business, all while exploring the limitless potential of CAMIcodes for your marketing success. Adapt, innovate and prosper as a small business owner at merely £4 per CAMIcode. A price nobody can resist!


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