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Harnessing the Power of Bespoke Merchandise

Harry Styles has come a long way since he was simply an auditionee on X Factor. He’s not only carved himself an international career as a performer and an actor but has made himself a pretty penny or two as well. In addition to his income from his music or acting roles, Harry has also boosted his fortune to the tune of more than $22m... simply through the sales of his merchandise.

Now it’s true that not everyone has the presence or the audience to make sales at that level, but what it does highlight is that selling merchandise is certainly not to be scoffed at. It’s not only a brilliant way to boost your income, but it also makes for commercial and marketing success – after all, an item which sits at a desk or on a wall is a constant brand reminder to the recipient.

From T-shirts to coffee cups and souvenir brochures to seasonal offerings, such as branded advent calendars or snow globes, investing in merchandise makes sound commercial sense. So offering a bespoke range of merchandise to your clients will not only help them grow their business but, at the same time, yours.

enamel mug with adventure fun camping logo

Taking your Brand to the Next Level

At WTTB, we’re very proud of the fact that we continue to grow our bespoke products which can, in turn, be branded for your clients. In 2021, we took over an existing production facility at London’s Willen Field Road, which has allowed us to increase our offer and produce a whole host of exciting, engaging and unique products. And, of course, if you would like to pop down and see for yourselves what we have and do, why not get in touch with us, and we can organise a visit?

We’ve recognised the value of bespoke products for many years, which is why we’ve continued to grow our offer. Merchandise provides a great opportunity not only to offer your existing or potential clients items that will help awareness of their business but you can also cash in on ideas that are currently in the public’s imagination.

For example, most of the UK is obsessed with cookery programmes. From The Great British Bake Off to The Great British Menu, we’ve got a real appetite for anything to do with food. It is, therefore, the perfect time to flag up items such as bespoke aprons, which can include a company logo, a clever catch line or even a recipe! It’s a great way to engage with clients and foster loyalty.

bakery workers with bespoke branded aprons

As well as creating the feel-good factor, giving customers a branded item makes smart commercial sense – particularly if it’s an item they are likely to use daily. The humble coffee cup doesn’t need to be humble at all. How about a colour-changing one that reveals a different image when filled with a hot liquid? Or one with a heart-shaped handle that will stand out from the crowd?

The aim is to create something valuable and memorable that will keep a brand front of mind. And it doesn’t stop there. Who doesn’t need a mouse mat? You can never go wrong with a mouse mat, and again, it’s a practical item that will be appreciated.

Special events and occasions are just ripe for merchandise. This year, of course, we’re all going Coronation crazy, which is a fantastic opportunity for creating some memorabilia. Companies may want to go one step further by adding their branding, particularly if they are sending items out as a gift or thank you.

Making a Lasting Impression

Research has shown that a staggering 94% of people remember when they receive a promotional gift, and – even more importantly – around 84% of recipients will then go on to do business with the company who sent it. The instant brand recognition that comes with a bespoke offering is also invaluable in raising awareness and gives the receiver brand recall, i.e. they remember the logo/name of the business that sent it.

While there’s no doubt about the power of social media, the downside is that recognition is gone in a second. On the other hand, promotional materials help form a bond and create memorable advertising opportunities. At WTTB, our product range has been selected to reflect the needs of our customers and the items we believe will help grow their business.

We’ve extended our seasonal ranges and year-round offerings, from personalised wrapping paper to key rings,chocolate bars, and phone cases. And the good news is that bespoke merchandise doesn’t need to cost the earth.

Branded keyring in a door lock

The fact that you can also order a small quantity of products which will allow you to test the market before committing on a large scale is another great option and can help you gauge what items will work best for you.

We’ve also introduced a range of next day merchandise options for those orders that need to be fulfilled in a hurry -meaning you’re not going to miss out because of a restrictive time scale.

We pride ourselves on working with your business to help you grow and thrive, which is why we have increased our merchandise range because we know the many benefits it offers to you and your customers. As previously mentioned, we’d love the opportunity to showcase our operation to you – so please get in touch and come and see for yourselves!


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