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We're here to trust and delight you

We want your WTTB experience to be a memorable one - for all the right reasons. Our Trust and Delight team work magic behind the scenes to ensure that's always the case.

We want your WTTB experience to be a memorable one - for all the right reasons. That's why our Trust and Delight Managers work magic behind the scenes to make sure that's always the case.

But what does role this entail? We'll let Sunderland Trust and Delight Manager, Sarah Edgell tell you herself.

"WTTB's core belief is to ensure customers are always satisfied with the service they receive from us. Confidence in quality and reliability plays a critical part, and my role is to deliver that trust to customers by ensuring they are delighted with their products.

"My day to day as a Trust and Delight Manager involves a variety of tasks, ranging from production control to customer service. I review orders for production issues, highlighting noticeable colour, trimming and lamination problems. These jobs are reprinted and carefully followed through the building.

"Of course, with multiple sites, this can be a full-on task. Luckily each location has a dedicated team member. At our London facility, Michael Bartlett heads up the Trust and Delight role, with weekly calls between locations to maintain a consistent level of service.

Pictured: Sarah Edgell (left), Michael Bartlett (right)
WTTB's Trust and Delight Managers

"While we pride ourselves on delivering exactly what our customers want – like every organisation, things occasionally go wrong. If a problem is identified, we spring into action, making sure it's put right, and the customer is kept in the loop.

"For me, there's no better feeling than when a client tells you they're over the moon with their products and the level of service they've received.

"We're always striving to produce high-quality work consistently and minimise the amount of poor-quality work. Weekly review meetings allow us to have a better understanding of issues we can monitor and address.

"Trialling different processes enables us to come up with the best solution, and if necessary, staff are re-trained to create new standardised procedures. These measures present the customer with a perfect final product.

"We're not perfect and don't pretend to be, but we do try our best to be as good as we can. We value our customers and want them to know our Trust and Delight team are working behind the scenes to make your WTTB experience a memorable one - for all the right reasons".


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