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The Advantages Of Door Drop Marketing

advertising materials on a door mat

In a world where we’re dominated by all things digital, it’s easy to think that’s all you need to conduct a successful marketing campaign. Yet the sheer volume of messages across these platforms make it hard to stand out from the crowd, so if there was another tool out there that could help you target the right audience at the right time then you’d use it – right?

The good news that this method of engaging with customers exists and it gives you the opportunity to either link it with your existing digital promotions or use it as a stand alone process. What is this “magical” method of getting client attention and translating that into honest-to-goodness sales? It’s nothing more than good old fashioned door drop marketing – but with a very modern twist.

Why use door drops?

You may feel that in a modern age, why would you bother with print when you can send an email or post something on your insta or twitter account. Believe that at your peril, as not considering highly visible, engaging and targeted print products is very short sighted. At the same time they are a great way to send people to your website – and research bears that out.

In the latest report produced by the DMA – the Data and Marketing Association – in conjunction with JICMAIL - the Joint Industry Committee for Mail – the proportion of door drop advertising materials which are driving web visits is growing by 50% year on year.

That means that alerting potential customers to your products or services via a leaflet, flyer or booklet by door to door marketing should never be dismissed. The fact that they are holding something tangible in their hands is a great call to action, particularly if you use the data available so you can get right to the people who may be receptive to what you’re trying to offer.

Anyone trying to reach a younger audience may think that the only way to engage with them is via socials. Once again research proves this wrong and the fact is the under 35 age group interact more with door to door leaflet marketing than any other group. This opens up an exciting world of possibility for anyone wanting to target this demographic in a meaningful way.

While there’s benefits for most industries in adopting door to door marketing techniques there are certain types of business for whom it is vital. On a local level, restaurants and takeaways as well as tradespeople have seen growth nationwide after utilising targeted printed materials to engage with their audiences.

You don’t need to be a marketing guru if you work in these areas to see this can help to grow your business. Door to door marketing tips include determining where your customers are going to come from – more than likely the immediate area close to where you operate. Leaflets which showcase your menus, special deals and offers are particularly effective and will have a high retention factor – kept until the customer is ready to order their weekend takeaway.

woman reading a posted leaflet

Are leaflet drops effective?

The answer for many industries is a resounding “yes.” Research shows that mail order companies, travel agents, estate and letting agents and telecoms company have massively increased the volume of printed materials they produce. It’s quite clear then that they think door to door marketing techniques can’t be ignored and need to be factored into any campaign to grow a business.

One of the many positive features in a leaflet drop is that you know that it’s going straight to your audience. You are not waiting for people to search you out over the internet or googling in your space – and finding a hundred different companies until they come to you – if they ever do.

There are a number of great marketing door to door tips that you can take into account to make your efforts even more effective. For example, is your product/service restricted by seasonality? If it then make sure you look at the timing of what you’re offering.

Do you want to promote your venue’s Christmas parties, your deals for Valentine’s Day or Mother’s Day? In which case look at the time of year that people start to seriously consider their relevant options. It’s no good starting you Valentine’s Day offer on Feb 12 – give yourself a decent lead in time and hopefully the bookings will start to pour in. Are you a travel company? In which case remember that the minute Christmas is out of the way, holidays start to be promoted. Choosing the right time to find your receptive audience is almost as important as the collateral itself.

The poet Robert Browning once wrote “never the time and the place and the loved one altogether!” - roughly translated as everything you want rarely happens at the same time. It’s a phrase that could equally apply to anyone running a business that they want to promote. It’s important that all the stars are aligned so you create maximum effect – and maximum results!

leaflet posted through a letterbox

What are the advantages of door to door?

There are many advantages in running a door to door campaign. As we’ve previously mentioned, you know your materials are going to be picked up and looked at – even if it’s just a cursory glance.

You’re not waiting in the hope that someone will seek you out over the internet, you are in control of where your information goes. There is data available that can really give insights in who to target, where and when. It’s a great way to help build you brand recognition and it gets you straight into the homes of new and existing customers.

Further research shows that a staggering 83 % of door drop materials are opened, read or filed away for future use. Door drop materials occupy a physical space, they give you the opportunity for creativity and to engage with your customers.

You can use your leaflets to promote an offer or special deal, create loyalty based on spend and create a real relationship with your customer – now who wouldn’t want that?


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