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How Do Tradespeople Design Their Business Cards And Flyers?

As a tradesperson, there’s no doubt you’re a master of your craft. As a painter and decorator, you’ll be able to transform a room with some deft strokes of a brush and a seamlessly pasted roll of wallpaper, while as an electrician, you can take down that single light bulb and replace it with a glittering chandelier.

It doesn’t matter what trade you work in, to the layman, you’re a miracle worker who can turn dark to light, make cold water run hot, and create a home from what was just a house.

But let’s face it, just because you have expertise in one particular area, it doesn’t mean that translates into another. So when the time comes to delve into marketing and create your brand and your print collateral, what do you do?

Professional materials with ease

You might have come up with a name for your business (run it by a few people first though; while ‘Bob the Builder’ might cause a few chuckles, the joke will soon wear off), and then you need to have all of the professional materials to market your services.

When it comes to designing a logo or branding, don’t necessarily go for the obvious. Yes, you could include a ladder, a spanner, and a hammer or two, but sometimes it pays to think outside the box.

A bright, colourful, abstract design can be just as effective – and equally as memorable.

Here you can get access to a whole library of images that you can use in the creation of your flyers, business cards, and brochures so you can find the one that suits you.

Use science and consistency

Consistency is important when you’re creating your marketing materials. The whole purpose is for potential customers to start to recognise and understand your brand – which isn’t going to work if everything you produce has its own image and a different colour palette.

Find what you like and what suits your business, then stick to it.

You can even use a bit of science before you make your final decision. Large companies look at colour psychology when deciding what best reflects their brand “personality”.

Blue is seen as showcasing competency, high quality, and reliability, while yellow promotes happiness but is also linked with being inexpensive.

A little research can help inform your decision and drive people towards your business in ways you probably didn’t even realise.

Whatever you choose, make sure that it’s easy to read. Don’t print your flyers and cards in a curly script that makes it impossible to read the name, let alone the telephone number – you need to be sure that your details are easy to find.


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